36 Weeks

How far along?: 36 weeks

Total weight gain: 18 pounds

How big is baby?: Just over 18 1/2 inches from head to heel & weighs almost 6 pounds (about the weight of a crenshaw melon)


Maternity clothes?: My belly hangs out of the bottom of most of my shirts now.

Stretch marks?: Not that I can see now but we will see once he is born.

Sleep?: Getting up to pee about 4-6 times per night.

Best moment this week?: Mom came up for a couple days. See labor signs as for why...

Movement?: This morning there wasn't much that had me a little worried but it picked back up and he has been moving like crazy ever since.

Food cravings?: Nothing special.

Labor signs?: Tuesday I had my weekly appt and was told that I had dilated to 2 cm, I had become quite soft and the head was down and in the low position. Which basically means labor could start at any time. I wasn't having any contractions but just in case I called all my people who were planning to help me when labor started and told them that it could come early. Then on Thursday morning shortly after Jake left for work I started having somewhat painful contractions. When they didn't stop I decided to see how far apart they were. After timing about 10 of them and seeing that they were every 2 minutes I called my midwife who told me to go straight to the hospital. They were getting worse as time went on so Jake came home from work and Leila came over to watch Jessica and I called my mom. She left work and drove on up here. Traffic on I5 was horrible. I was sort of freaking out in the car because I assumed that contractions that were 2 minutes apart meant that I was getting close and not knowing if I had dilated more had me worried that I could give birth in the car. Well, we made it to the hospital with quite a greeting party of about 8 midwives and nurses. They took me in and between contractions they checked me and found that there were no changes since my appt on Tuesday. This surprised me quite a bit since that meant that I wasn't really in labor although the contractions were telling me different. I continued to have contractions every 2-5 minutes all day long. Throughout the day they did 2 more exams on me to check for changes and since both of those checks showed no changes they sent me home. I kept having contractions through out the rest of the day although they were not as close together and not quite as painful. They gave me a prescription for sleeping pills so that I would be able to sleep through them which worked like a charm. Friday I still had some painful contractions but they were much farther spaced apart. Today I have just had a few painful ones so I am hoping this whole thing is coming to an end and the contractions will be gone by tomorrow. My mom left this morning since things seemed to calm down. Since I am hoping to give birth in the birth center instead of the hospital I have to hold out on going into labor at least until this coming Thursday.
So there you go....my exciting week.

Belly button in or out?: Very very out.

What I miss: Painless contractions.

What I'm looking forward to this week: I have my appt on Tuesday to be checked again. So I guess possibly giving birth.

Weekly Wisdom: Relax, no lifting heavy stuff and keep baby in until at least Thursday.

Milestone: I have reached the gestation at which Jessica was born. I guess that means baby could come at any time.

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