38 Weeks

How far along?: 38 weeks

Total weight gain: 21 pounds

How big is baby?: Just over 19 1/2 inches from head to heel & weighs about 6.8 pounds (about the length of a leek)


Maternity clothes?: Really running low on shirts that don't expose the bottom of my belly.

Stretch marks?: None visible yet.

Sleep?: Getting lots of practice getting up in the middle of the night...now it is to pee but soon enough it will be to feed the baby.

Best moment this week?: Again...not much happened this week.

Movement?: Not as much as before but I am sure it is because it is getting tight in there. His kicks are getting very strong and sometimes painful.

Food cravings?: Nothing special

Labor signs?: Lots of Braxton Hicks and a few painful ones this past week but nothing serious.

Belly button in or out?: Very out!

What I miss: Being able to walk normally.

What I'm looking forward to this week: Going into labor.....Please!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Take it easy. Try to relax while you still can.

Milestone: I can't believe there is only 2 weeks left until my due date...and really I could go into labor any time....crazy!

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