39 Weeks

How far along?: 39 weeks

Total weight gain: Just over 22 pounds

How big is baby?: About 20 inches from head to heel & weighs just over 7 pounds (about weight of a mini watermelon)


Maternity clothes?: They are all belly shirts now!

Stretch marks?: Not that I can see yet.

Sleep?: Not doing much of that now days. Between contractions and getting up to pee many many times per night there is not much sleep happening.

Best moment this week?: Getting to hear the heartbeat every week is pretty cool.

Movement?: Still very active! I expected it to slow down but it really hasn't.

Food cravings?: Salt & Vinegar chips!!

Labor signs?: Having a lot of contractions! Last Saturday morning we went in to the birth center because I thought my water had broken. When I got up to go to the bathroom water was dripping down my leg. They did some tests and it turned out to not be amniotic fluid. What they told me was that there are 2 layers on the placenta and sometimes there is fluid between the 2 layers and if the outer layer gets a leak it can seem like the water is breaking. That is probably what happened because by the time we got to the birth center it had stopped leaking.

Belly button in or out?: Far Out!

What I miss: Sleeping!

What I'm looking forward to this week: Again hopefully giving birth this week. I really don't want to go overdue!!

Weekly Wisdom: Drink water and rest!

Milestone: Only 1 week left until my due date! I am somewhat surprised to still be pregnant! I fully expected to go early.

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