6 1/2 Months Old Already??!?!?

I can't believe Miles is already over 6 months old! Time sure does fly. Here are his 6 month stats:

Weight 15 lbs 5 oz - 10th percentile
Height 27.75" - 82nd percentile
Head circumference 43cm - 21st percentile
Size 2 diapers
Size 2 shoes

1. He can get himself up onto his knees and rocks back and forth.
2. He lays on his tummy and pulls himself around with his arms.
3. Has started babbling a lot. I have heard him say "dadadada". Although I am pretty sure he wasn't referring to his dad when he said it. Just babbling.
4. He does not like to be alone in a room. He will scream until I come and hold him again.
5. His daytime naps leave something to be desired! He will sleep maybe 30-45 minutes all day long unless we are in the car. Then he will sleep until I open his door to get him out.
6. We have started him on baby food. He has had green beans, peas and is now eating sweet potatoes. He seems to like all of them so far.
7. He can sit by himself for a short time and then tips over. Sometimes he will hold himself up on his arm.
8. He is super sweet and cuddly and almost always has a smile on his face!


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