Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet, handsome baby boy! I seriously can't believe he is already a year old. Time really does fly! Here are his stats as of last week:

Weight 20 lbs 5 oz - 15th percentile
Height 29.75" - 49th percentile
Head circumference 46.3 cm - 48th percentile
Size 3-4 diapers
Size 4-5 shoes

1. He has taken a few steps by himself but is still pretty timid when it comes to walking.
2. He can say dada, mama, cracker, uh oh, up, hi, bye bye.
3. He is almost completely off baby food. Gotta use up what we have then it is all table food for him.
4. He has 3 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom.
5. He loves to wave at people with both hands at once.
6. He is the cuddliest baby I have ever seen!!!
7. He is great in the car and will almost always fall asleep; which is great for long trips but not so great when I am just going to the grocery store.
8. He takes only 1 nap during the day sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I would love for him to take naps at the same time every day but he just won't do it. Sometimes he won't take a nap at all. When he does sleep it will be for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.
9. He sleeps GREAT at night. I put him down around 7:30 and he goes right to sleep and sleeps until between 5 & 6, which is pretty early but better then what he was doing. He used to wake up between 4 & 5.
10. He stopped nursing the day before yesterday.
11. He loves being startled. It makes him giggle like crazy when Jessica jumps out at him yelling his name.
12. He loves to dance!
13. He is really a happy little guy almost always smiling or laughing.

Here is his first year of life in pictures:

Day of Birth
0 day of birth.JPG

1 Month Old
1st month.JPG

2 Months Old
2nd month.JPG

3 Months Old
3rd month.JPG

4 Months Old
4th month.JPG

5 Months Old
5th month.JPG

6 Months Old
6th month.JPG

7 Month Old
7th month.JPG

8 Months Old
8th month.JPG

9 Months Old
9th month.JPG

10 Months Old
10th month.JPG

11 Months Old
11th month.JPG

12 Months Old
12th month.JPG

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