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Two years ago today my life changed forever!! Now I know Jessica's birthday isn't until tomorrow but this minute in Australia was when she was born. She arrived by surprise 4 weeks early and only weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and a mere 18.5 inches long. After a whole week of being in the hospital (due to her being treated for jaundice) we were sent home with this little baby and no idea what to do with her. She slept a lot the first few weeks but once that wore off and she "woke up" (anyone who has had babies knows what I mean by that) she began to cry.

From what we read she was a "high needs" baby. She cried A LOT!!! She ate a lot too because she that was the only way to get her to stop crying. That was good though since she was so small she needed to start putting on weight so I fed her any time she started crying. The schedule that we ended up with was feeding her every 2 hours day and night. As you can imagine that did not leave much time for me to sleep. It went on like that until she was 6 months old when she finally got her own room. She went from waking up every 2 hours to sleeping for 12 hours in one night. I thought it was wonderful that she was sleeping but it made for an incredibly painful morning for me since I was used to nursing her all night long. I was quite full to overflowing and in a lot of pain. That was also about the time we started giving her rice cereal and baby food which really changed her temperament. She went from crying all the time to a happy, very sweet baby.

She has really grown the past 2 years physically and mentally. She surprises me every day saying things I didn't know she knew how to say. She has become a very funny, silly, sweet, smart and beautiful little girl! I tell her every day how much I love her and a couple days ago she walked up to me sat in my lap and said "I love you mommy". It was the sweetest 4 words I have ever heard! Being a mom has been the most exhausting, frustrating, fun, rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever done and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

Here are some fun facts about Jessica so far:
• She loves Dora the Explorer bordering on obsession. One of the first things she says some mornings when we get her out of bed is "Dora TV"or she will just yell "Swiper".
• Lately her favorite thing to say is "I'll do it" when we want to do something for her like put her coat on, get a book to read to her, or get her shoes.
• She likes to brush her own teeth and doesn't want help from us to do it.
• She can put on her own sandals, and she even puts them on the correct feet.
• If she could choose to eat only one thing for the rest of her life it would be cheese.
• She loves to dance!
• When we ask her if she is ready to go to bed her response is always "all done".
• When I ask her what she wants to do her response is exactly the same every day "swings and slide".
• The longest sentence she has said so far is 4 words long.

Here is her first 2 years of life in pictures:

Day of Birth
0 birthday.JPG

1 Month Old
1 month.JPG

2 Months Old
2 months.JPG

3 Months Old
3 months.JPG

4 Months Old
4 months.JPG

5 Months Old
5 months.JPG

6 Months Old
6 months.JPG

7 Months Old
7 months.JPG

8 Months Old
8 months.JPG

9 Months Old
9 months.JPG

10 Months Old
10 months.JPG

11 Months Old
11 months.JPG

12 Months Old
12 months.JPG

13 Months Old
13 months.JPG

14 Months Old
14 months.JPG

15 Months Old
15 months.JPG

16 Months Old
16 months.JPG

17 Months Old
17 months.JPG

18 Months Old
18 months.JPG

19 Months Old
19 months.JPG

20 Months Old
20 months.JPG

21 Months Old
21 months.JPG

22 Months Old
22 months.JPG

23 Months Old
23 months.JPG

24 Months Old
24 months.JPG

Jessica is doing really well. We had her 15 month check up a couple weeks ago. Poor girl had to get 4 shots. :-( She is growing so quickly. Here are her current stats:

Height: 30.5" = 51st percentile
Weight: 23 lbs 8 oz = 36th percentile
Head Circumference: 46 cm = 45th percentile
Has 4 top front teeth and 2 front bottom teeth. It feels like she has 2 molars on each side on the top now. So her teeth are finally coming in. She has resorted to trying to bite me constantly now.
Wears 12-18 month clothing
Wears size 4 shoes
Wears size 4 diapers

Here are some recent pics of my beautiful little girl!

This is how you put on a skirt...right???

She loves to wear her mama's winter hat!



She is learning by osmosis!

Lovin' the zebra!

Could she be any cuter?!?!?!

Snuggling with mama!

Giving her little brother a kiss!

Here is a recent pic of Jessica that I absolutely love! She is so beautiful!


We had Jessica's picture professionally taken for her 1st birthday and we just got it back so I thought I would post it. I just can't stop staring at her...She is the cutest baby I have ever seen! There are no words to describe how much I love this little girl! She is such a sweet baby. I love it when I am sitting on the floor and she crawls up to me pulls herself to a standing position and gives me a big kiss. Life doesn't get better than that!!

jessica-one-year (Large).jpg

This pic is way too pretty for me not to share!!


DSC04635 (Large).JPG
Jessica in very deep thought!

Me and my sweet baby!

jessica cropped.JPG

Jessica got an impromptu bath tonight due to a blowout. Afterwards she was wrapped in a towel and it was so cute that it had to be shared...


We got the ok from the doctor to start her on rice cereal so Jessica had her first meal last night. I'm not sure that she enjoyed it but she did finish it.

OK I'll try a little.

What is this you are putting in my mouth???

If I keep my tongue out the spoon can't get in!

Alright, I'll try it but I won't be happy about it!

Am I done yet?

Get me out of here!!!

We had Jessica's picture professionally taken the other day. Here it is.


Jessica in her pretty little Baby Elmo sundress.

We have been trying our hardest to keep her out of the sun but we wanted to get a picture of her in front of Ayers Rock so we quickly held her up and snapped the pic.

I don't think her smile could be any bigger if she tried.

Mommy and Jessica at her first Christmas at my mom's house.

She looks like she is about to topple over.

I think she is happy to see her mommy!!!

Mommy with a very happy baby.

Our happy family!!

IMG_0156 (Large).JPG
Jessica already has attitude. This is her saying "Don't mess with me!!"

Jake had 3 finals during the past week so you can imagine he was quite busy studying so the baby duty was almost all mine. He helped when he could but he was mostly focused on school. This being the case I have been a bit stressed out. Jessica has been crying a whole heck of a lot and I hate it when there is nothing I can do about it. Night times have gotten better though. Her sleeping schedule is 7pm until 3am which sucks while we are here but once we get back home with the time change if we keep her on the same schedule she will be sleeping from 12am until 8am which would be perfect. Of course she still wakes up for feeds during that time so she isn't sleeping that long straight through although that would be fabulous if she did. Even though the past week has been very stressful what makes it worth it was when I got to see this:


Tomorrow we have to be out of our apartment and we have only just begun to pack. Also Monday we are leaving for our 2 week trip around Australia. There's nothing like waiting until the last day to pack. When you are professional packers like us we don't need more then one day. ;) After Sunday we will no longer have internet access so there won't be any more posts until we are back home in Oregon.

We leave a week from today on our whirlwind holiday around Australia. Not to mention having to be out of our apartment this Sunday. We have a lot to do in the next week.

Here are some cute pics...




More pics have been posted to our photos page too!!

We have been having a little problem with Jessica. The only place that was good enough for her to relax was in either my or Jake's arms which meant that one of us always has to hold her. As you can imagine that would make dinner time interesting. Today I went out and bought a bouncer and amazingly enough she sleeps in it. It is so nice to give my arms a break from always holding her. If all goes well with her in it we may just have her sleep in it at night and we will get our bed back!! I was hesitant to spend $60 on something that we are only going to use for 4 weeks and then sell but now I say it is the best $60 I've spent in a lot time.


Drying her off after a bath.

Gotta dry off under that chin.

Jessica's first of many beach outtings!!



Ok, I know babies that are 1.5 weeks old don't actually smile but "COME ON"...If that isn't a smile I don't know what is!

Jessica 1 week 3 days old.JPG

Things have been going a lot better then I expected since we got home. With the exception of that first night when she wouldn't stop crying all night long things have been going smoothly. She doesn't really cry all that often but she eats like there is no tomorrow. I can't believe how much breastfeeding exhausts me. By the end of a feed she and I both have trouble staying awake. Although it took her 9 days to start pooping let me tell you...she is making up for it. There is poop almost every time we change her.

I know I am biased but Jessica really is the cutest baby I have ever seen!! I could just stare at her all day long!

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