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Well, the big news for today...............I'M PREGNANT! Yup, Jessica is going to have a baby brother or sister. I am 10 weeks 2 days, due June 26th. We are both very excited! We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and got to see the baby and her the heartbeat for the first time.

I've been having morning sickness but not as bad as I had it with Jessica. It is for the most part sticking to the morning this time. Last time I was sick and throwing up all day long for many weeks. I have thrown up a few times but mostly it is just nausea.

Here is the very first picture ever taken of our second child and also the weekly pics I have been saving up until we were ready to announce it.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks 3 Days
8 week ultrasound.png

10 Weeks
10 weeks.JPG

9 Weeks
9 weeks.JPG

8 Weeks
8 weeks.JPG

7 Weeks
7 weeks.JPG


36 Weeks Pregnant - 131.6 pounds



35 Weeks Pregnant - 127.8 pounds


34 weeks 3 days .JPG


34 Weeks Pregnant - 127.2 pounds



33 Weeks Pregnant - 124.4 pounds


32 weeks 2 days.JPG


32 Weeks Pregnant - 123.6 pounds


The last couple videos I posted showed a few little kicks but when you watch this you will see that she is doing more then just kicking. This is pretty much what she does all day and all night with few breaks in between. I am pretty sure that if you could see my ribs from the inside they would be quite bruised from all the jabs!

Well I can't believe I am already 31 weeks. I read that by week 34 the baby could be born healthy with no help from the ICU. Scary! I can't believe it is only 9 more weeks till my due date!! I was told today that my iron level is still low. I started taking iron pills along with my prenatal vitamins so hopefully that will improve. The doctor said that after taking the iron for a few weeks I should see a noticeable change in my energy level since a lack of iron makes you feel extra worn down, tired, light headed, and fainty. I just assumed I felt that way because I haven't been sleeping that great at night. So maybe in the next week or two I could be feeling a lot better...fingers crossed!!

Next week I start working part time. My schedule will be to work Mon, Wed & Fri. We'll see how that works.

That is about it.

31 weeks 1 day.JPG


31 Weeks Pregnant - 123.6 pounds
My waist has grown 9 inches since I got pregnant. Crazy!


30 weeks 2 days.JPG


30 Weeks Pregnant - 125 pounds
That is 2.4 pounds in 1 week.... YIKES!!!!



29 Weeks Pregnant - 122.6 pounds


28 weeks 3 days.JPG

Here is a pic of me after hiking up a mountain...even at 7 months pregnant!!

28 weeks.JPG


28 Weeks Pregnant - 123.6 pounds



27 Weeks Pregnant - 121.6 pounds


26 weeks 2 days.JPG

It seems that we have a camera shy baby. This video took about 30 minutes of sitting with the camera ready to get it. Every time the camera wasn't ready she was moving around like crazy but once I was ready to record she wouldn't move at all. I'm surprised at how much movement you can actually see in the video.


26 Weeks Pregnant - 119.6 pounds


I have officially hit the 10 pounds gained mark.


25 Weeks Pregnant - 118.6 pounds


24 weeks 3 days.JPG


24 Weeks Pregnant - 116 pounds



23 Weeks Pregnant - 114 pounds


22 weeks 2 days.JPG


22 Weeks Pregnant - 115.8 pounds


I'm finally starting to put on the pounds. I've gained 1 pound every week for the past 5 weeks.

21 weeks 2 days.JPG


21 Weeks Pregnant - 114.4 pounds

20 weeks 3 days.JPG


20 Weeks Pregnant - 113.8 pounds

19 Week profile body.png

Adorable profile picture

19 Week profile face.png

Close up of face profile with baby's hand above face

19 Week foot.png

This foot is 2.9cm from heel to tips of toes. Way too cute!!

19 Week left fist.png

Just look at that tight little grip

19 Week nose&mouth.png

If you turn your head to the left you should be able to tell that is the baby's mouth and straight up the nostrils.

I got a lot of pictures, but to me these were the best ones. I was absolutely amazing to see our little baby and especially to see that cute little foot. It was just too incredible for words.


19 Weeks Pregnant - 112.8 pounds

18 weeks 3 days.JPG


18 Weeks Pregnant - 111.6 pounds


17 Weeks Pregnant - 110.6 pounds

16 weeks 4 days.JPG

It is starting to look like a real pregnancy and not just a food baby.


16 Weeks Pregnant - 110.6 pounds

16 angle.JPG

Angled Belly Picture

16 sitting.JPG

You can really see my bump when I am sitting down!!!


15 Weeks Pregnant - 110 pounds

I think from here on out every 2 weeks I'll take a pic of me with my head in it. So here is the one I just took.

14 weeks 3 days.JPG

Me at 14 weeks 3 Days!!


14 Weeks Pregnant - 109.6 pounds


13 Weeks Pregnant - 111.2 pounds

Here is a pic I took today with my head in it instead of just my belly so you can get better perspective of how my tummy has grown.

12 weeks 2 days shrunk.JPG
Me at 12 weeks 2 days!!

I just got my 7 week ultrasound scan back from my doctor and it looks like my baby is standing on its head... The dark spot on the middle of its head is its giant alien eye. Here it is...

baby 7 weeks shrunk.JPG

Also it seems that Australia is very stingy when it comes to giving pregnant women ultrasounds compared to the US. In the US I'm pretty sure you get one per month just to check up on the baby to make sure it is growing right. Here you get one at 7-8 weeks for dating and you don't get your next one until 19 weeks. The only way to get one any sooner is to get the baby tested for a higher chance of Downsydrome. Then you get an Ultrasound at 12-13 weeks but insurance doesn't pay for that so if I want that it would cost $250 out of my pocket. I figure as long as things seem to be progressing and my belly keeps growing we might as well save the $250. So my next ultrasound will be at 19 weeks which is May 20th and that is when we will find out if it is a girl or boy. Hopefully it is one of those options!! ;)


12 Weeks Pregnant - 111.4 pounds


11 Weeks Pregnant - 111.4 pounds


10 weeks pregnant - 110.8 pounds


9 weeks pregnant - 110.2 pounds


8 weeks pregnant - 110.4 pounds


7 weeks pregnant - 109.8 pounds


6 weeks pregnant - 110.2 pounds


5 weeks pregnant - 109.6 pounds

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